Markham Converting

About Us

Markham Converting Facility was founded in 2010 and is located in Canada’s Most Diverse City, Markham, Ontario.

Markham is a premiere emulsion coater that specializes in water soluble paper-based materials and technologies for a multitude of global industries and applications.


117 Denison Street
Markham, ON L3R 1B5

Our Capabilities

Pressure Sensitive Stocks. Pressure sensitive stocks are Markham Converting’s specialty. The facility offers a variety of face sheets—including dissolvable and semi-gloss—as well as a white BOPP (water-based adhesives at approximately 50% solids and < 5000 cP viscosity are preferred), all of which are capable of layflat. Markham currently maintains an inventory that includes permanent and dissolvable adhesives—with more on the way—and a standard 40# liner.

Coated Liner. Markham Converting currently coats their own liner. Additionally, the facility periodically coats liner for a local company called GMC Coating.

Unsupported Paper. Unsupported paper can be optioned with or without a topcoat.

Heat Seal Coating. Heat seal coating is available on several stocks, including dissolvable. A stocked option is available, but we are happy to work with specific items as needed.