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CMC Group, Inc. is a corporation located in the heart of the Midwest comprised of interrelated companies that are committed to providing specialized printing and packaging solutions for the industries they serve.

Century Label has nearly 40 years of custom label and packaging printing experience. Providing pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging to brands across the nation since 1980, Century Label specializes in precision printing and personalized customer care. With onsite printing facilities, state-of-the-art HD flexo and digital equipment, as well as experienced production and graphics teams, G7 Master Printer Century Label is committed to meeting your unique packaging needs. We take your brand integrity personally.

DayMark Safety Systems was created as a sales division of Century Marketing in 1989 to offer labeling solutions for the food industry. Since then, DayMark has become a leader in food and safety systems, providing FDA and USDA compliant labels and health and safety solutions that adhere to HACCP guidelines. Through the development of a dissolving adhesive, DayMark is able to print labels that will fully dissolve in water, leaving no harmful adhesive residue behind.

SmartSolve encompasses a family of environmentally friendly water soluble paper materials that are produced in multiple thicknesses, coatings and configurations. From label stock and board stock to water soluble tape, SmartSolve can be used in a variety of valuable applications. In addition, SmartSolve materials can be coated with water soluble adhesive that dissolves in water and leaves behind no residue, a heat seal top coating that allows the material to be converted into water soluble containers (such as pouches, tubes and folding cartons) or a direct thermal top coating for use in thermal printers. Bio-based materials are the foundation of SmartSolve's products, providing an ecologically sound solution to your paper and packaging needs.

Markham Converting Facility was founded in 2010 and is located in Canada’s Most Diverse City, Markham, Ontario. Markham is a premiere emulsion coater that specializes in water soluble paper-based materials and technologies for a multitude of global industries and applications.


NovaVision, Inc. is a division of CMC Group that specializes in printing holograms and using holographic technology for counterfeit and identity theft protection and prevention. NovaVision uses a patented process to print holograms for products such as labels, parking permits, ID cards, and security seals. In addition to offering a broad selection of security products, NovaVision is also capable of providing custom projects of all sizes at affordable prices.

Affirm Global Development helps people all around the world who are looking for affordable ways to make life easier and improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions. Four billion people who are eager to access and purchase high value, high impact products. What if you could meet their needs, create jobs in your community and build a sustainable business all at the same time? Today you can. Affirm Global believes there is a better way to do business. A way to meet needs, improve lives and transform communities through commerce. We want to help you create profit with purpose.

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